Bibian Kalinde

Bibian Kalinde has 14 years of teaching music in tertiary institutions. She has been a lecturer at the University of Zambia since 2010. She completed her PhD and Master’s degrees at the University of Pretoria and her undergraduate studies at Kenyatta University. Her research interests are in music education in tertiary and early childhood education. In recent years, she has focused on methodologies that incorporate music, play, movement and storytelling for teaching children in early childhood education.

She has collected and documented several Zambian play songs and, in collaboration with other researchers, written on why music of the mother tongue should be promoted in early childhood learning settings. Apart from her current position as vice-president for PASMAE (central Africa), Bibian is an ISME member and has served in the executive for the Zambia Association of Music Educators and as advisor for the Zambian Association of Musicians. She is the conductor and leader of the University of Zambia choir and founder of Sauti Music Education and Consultancy Services. Her future pursuits include finding ways of incorporating informal and non formal ways of teaching music in formal learning settings.

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