Eze Tochukwu Elijah

Tochukwu Elijah Eze hails from Abia State in Nigeria. He graduated from the University of Nigeria, Alvan Campus, in 2003. He was the music director for Winner’s Chapel choir Owerri dioceses from 2000-2003
and Winner’s voice’s Damaturu, Yobe State, from 2004-2005 before travelling abroad in 2006. Since reaching Swaziland in February 2006 he has served as his church’s music director.

Recruited in 2007 to serve Sifundzani schools as head of the music department for both primary and high schools he taught both schools concurrently for nine years (2007-2016). In 2016 he handed over the primary school music department to a colleague while remaining focused on the high school, where he continues serving as the head of the music department since 2007, teaching IGCSE and AS music. Since 2014 he has also been a member of the school’s management team.

Married in 2007, Eze has three beautiful daughters. In 2011 he was ordained a pastor in Winner’s Chapel Mbabane, assisting the senior pastor. In 2015, he became a PASMAE member.
Contact Eze on email at president@pasmae.co.za



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