Dance Room: A Developmental Classroom Dance Programme for Primary Schools (Workshop)

This practical workshop will provide classroom teachers and dance specialists with a fresh, fun and easy programme that provides experiences in performing, creating and responding. One of the main aims is to develop skills and understanding in the elements of dance.

The movement activities will deal with space, shapes, personal space and floor patterns. The practical demonstration will explain tempo, energy and form.

• Dance is an ancient tradition and a fundamental and evolving form of expression where people communicate through movement

• In performance, students build self-confidence through physical expression, where technical and expressive demands are developed

• Through the creative process, students learn how to manipulate the elements of dance to create meaning, tell a story, or express an emotion

• Students learn the skills of communication, improvisation, problem solving and group decision making

• Dance engages the different intelligences of the brain, encouraging a flow-on effect, resulting in increased student achievement levels

• A strong Dance Programme assists the development of individuals, the social enhancement of the class and wider school community.

Delegates at the conference will be introduced to a primary school dance programme that answers the core ideals and objectives of the South African curriculum.

This programme can be used to build a bridge between the philosophy, pedagogy and frameworks of curriculum documentation which can sometimes be very vague.

Winnie VAN DER WALT, South Downs College.

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