Love Music for Life! A Hands-on Practical Workshop

“LOVE MUSIC FOR LIFE” … This is ultimately music educators’ dream. We all hope that the students who pass through the doors of our music classes will ultimately end up loving the musical experience they had with us – that they take the memories with them and that, even though they may never make music a career, will carry the love for music with them forever.

Join me in a fun workshop where I shall share some of my ideas for interactive class music, including all ages from Stage 1 (1 year old) – to Gr 9 (terrible teens) and much more with the delegates.

I shall involve members of the audience in many interesting exercises, in this “hands on” workshop. After 37 years of teaching,

I have learned that unless our pupils have a “fun” educative experience in our music classes, the result is that they hardly take anything in and retain any of the knowledge we as music teachers are trying to impart.

“Head, shoulders, knees and toes”…. and then what?

Patti VAN DER PLOEG, Redham College, Johannesburg;


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