Musical Arts Education in Kenya: Development and Policy Strategies

The process of musical arts education in Kenya has undergone continuous transformation over the years. These transformations and changes have seen musical arts education evolve from the traditional and indigenous approaches and methodologies that were more orally based to the western education system that is more classroom based.

This has influenced the transformation of both music education and music practice from a community affair to a new school-based platform.

The new platform has structured music education as a classroom affair and music practice is now staged on concert stages and no longer being experienced as a community-based activity. In summary, music education in Kenya is seen as having changed over the years from: music through indigenous education; music through missionary education; music through colonial education; music through post independence education; and, music through curriculum and policy developments (Nyakiti 1988; Kidula 1996; Akuno 1997).

The study investigates policy strategies in development of musical arts education in relation to indigenous music, western music and contemporary music. The study further investigates policy strategies from various government arms and agencies towards providing a way forward for musical arts education in Kenya.

Donald Otoyo ONDIEKI, Permanent Presidential Music Commission, Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts, Nairobi, Kenya;

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