Host a PASMAE conference

Why not bid to host an PASMAE conference?

Bids are invited from prospective hosts to hold a PASMAE-ISME Regional Conference in uneven years. Please use the criteria as a guide in preparing a proposal to submit to the PASMAE Executive.

Bid criteria

Please note that these criteria are to be seen as a guide only. If PASMAE wishes to hold a Conference in a particular country, an incomplete bid may well be completed with help from Society officials. PASMAE should decide where it wants to go, or should go, and selection of a host country should serve PASMAE’s best interests with consideration of rotation and involving countries/venues not used previously, so as to expand the reach and influence of the Society.

Using these heading, bids should include information on as many of the items as possible listed below:

  • Bids to be received by the PASMAE Secretary General no later than one month prior to the General Assembly.
  • (COG = Conference Organizing Group)
  • Partnership and support: i.e. institution, organization, government, etc.
  • Personnel: i.e. proposed Chair of the COG, COG members, experience of proposed Chair/COG within PASMAE – having attended at least two previous PASMAE conferences, having organized other conferences etc.
  • Hosts: A letter from the hosting authority/organization (e.g. University, School, etc) indicating the plan for financial obligation of hosting the conference.
  • Local Organizing Group (LOG): Evidence of a strong coordinating agency that ensures continuity in organizing and provides the secretariat for the LOG in the form of actual names, contacts and tasks of members of the LOG (PASMAE “Conference Planning Guide” document is available on request).
  • Geographic location: popularity as a tourist destination, ease of access from other countries, etc.
  • Flights: need for extra internal flights within a country?
  • Stability and security in the country: i.e. financial, personal safety and natural safety (potential tsunamis, volcanoes, etc.).
  • Volunteer possibilities: student and local teacher involvement.
  • Venues: Conference presentation and concert venues adequate to needs/variety of sizes of venues.
  • Dates proposed: in/out of school and university recess periods, etc.
  • Themes: proposed theme/s for the conference, to be approved by PASMAE.
  • Linking: i.e. to other past or future events which may influence suitability e.g. festivals, anniversaries.
  • Networking locally: Evidence of a network of relevant institutes and bodies that are committed to acting as the national support group for the conference, or local, regional, and national technical agencies and political authorities (including letters of support).
  • Finances: Evidence of financial means and sponsorship (e.g. letters confirming financial commitments) provided by national authorities, local authorities, and private bodies as well as a strategy for raising additional funds.
  • Accommodation for delegates: variety of cost levels, proximity to conference and concert venues.
  • Accommodation for performing groups: cost, proximity to conference and concert venues.
  • Accommodation: Home hosting and budget (boarding school) accommodation possibilities.
  • Marketing the Conference and media
  • Sponsorship possibilities and Exhibitor possibilities.Funding support “in kind”: e.g. free use of venues, staff, meals, water, etc.
  • Visas: Assurance re visas for all PASMAE members wishing to attend.
  • Currency and language(s).Local Musics: Musical interest/variety of musics within the country.
  • Technical: Adequate technical knowledge/support/equipment.