2017PASMAEConstitution+Bylaws-010419v2PASMAE derives its authority from its membership, who empowers the Society to act on their behalf in advocacy, coordinating and advisory roles in matters concerning Musical Arts Education and its practice in Africa. It is furthermore bolstered by its status as an ISME affiliate, and in turn by ISME’s position relative to the IMC (International Music Council) and UNESCO.

The Society shall canvass the recognition and support of world as well as African bodies such as the African Union, UNESCO and the IMC in the execution of its objectives. Individual African governments will also be approached to give encouragement to the formation of national music education associations where none currently exist, or to support the affiliation of any such society, as the case may be, with PASMAE, for the mutual benefits imperative.

Constitution Bylaws 2017

as unanimously approved by the PASMAE General Assembly, 1st July 2017, Mbabane, Swaziland.

General Assembly Minutes 2017

of the 9th PASMAE Conference Approved by the PASMAE General Assembly 1st July 2017, Mbabane, Swaziland.