Keynote Address 1

Music Education in the 21st century: Looking at the present and imagining the future

Yiannis Miralis, European University Cyprus

In this presentation, I will attempt to make a broad overview of the field of music education and discuss possibilities of professional involvement for graduates, practitioners and researchers in the area of music education.

Specifically, through a brief historical examination of the development and evolution of the field since the early 1900s, I will further examine the diverse and innovative approaches and projects that music educators are involved with today and are being investigated by scholars in the field.

Such involvement includes musical engagements with diverse populations and repertoire both within and outside the confines of an educational institution, in formal or informal and non-formal settings, adhering to diverse methodological approaches and philosophies, incorporating technological innovations, collaborating with colleagues from within or from outside music, engaging with participants in physical space and cyberspace and many more. Based on these possibilities I will inevitably address issues that have to do with music teacher training that can better serve graduates well into the future.

By: Yiannis Miralis, European University Cyprus.