Letter from the President, ISME

October 2009

Greeting to the ISME Regional-PASMAE Conference, from Hakan Lundström President, International Society for Music Education

Dear fellow music educators,

“About 50 years ago (1953) a group of visionary colleagues of ours from various parts of the world got together in Brussels. They were brought together by a common dream, a dream rooted in professional and human wisdom and desires: that education in music around the world should be executed on the highest possible level and that music educators from all corners of the world should support each other in making that dream come true. They knew, these visionary people who met in Brussels, that working with music and people – as every music educator does every day of his/her professional life – means a constant venturing into unexplored grounds in music and in people, and that the best possible preparation for making such ventures become profitable for those involved in them – our students – is for music educators themselves constantly to be exposed to musical and educational cultures different from those well known to them already.”

A quote from Past President, Einar Solbu

ISME works as a global network where the diversity in culture and tradition is the focus and which results in a real voice around the world, advocating for music education.

You, who are bearers of the most valuable traditions, as well as you being the owners of a most vibrant contemporary culture on this continent, and representing several countries in Africa, are an important cog in the ISME wheel.

I thank all members of PASMAE for their interest and loyalty to ISME, and I also thank you for the preparation and the programme of this year’s Conference. I particularly thank NAMM for their generous sponsorship of this meeting, and also ISME Board member Marvelene Moore for making the journey to be with you today in Nigeria, and for being able to deliver this message to you on behalf of all ISME members around the world.

On behalf of your colleagues in ISME and throughout the world of music education I send you greetings and good wishes. May you be inspired and refreshed as a result of being together and sharing ideas and experiences. ISME sends you best wishes for what I’m sure will be a most successful gathering.”