Malawe Presentations


The event was a joint Pan African Society for Musical Arts Education (PASMAE) and International Society for Music Education (ISME) Conference.

1Musical Arts Education and National Consciousness: The Nigerian ExperienceA.A. Oluranti
2The Traditional Hymnic Texts of the Yoruba of Africa as an agent of Socio-Political MobilizationDr. Femi Adedeji
3Tradition and Innovation: A view of Music Assessment in Modern WorldJohn Howard
4Singing the 3 rd Chimurenga: The use Music as an Ideological Force in the Political Mobilization of Zimbabwe …B. Chinouriri
5 Music and Political Mobilization in Contemporary Democratic NigeriaDr. Christian Onyenji
6The Impact of Popular Music Messages and Performances on HIV/AIDS Control among Youths in Kenya Dr. M.N. Wanyama
7Musical Arts Education in a Changing African SocietyFunmi Odunuga
8Music as a Vehicle for Political Mobilization in NigeriaS.O. Babalola
9Universal Primary Education in UgandaBenon Kigozi
10Life and Musical Contributions of Rose Anyango OmolloDr. H. Agak
11Musical Arts Education and Opportunities for Entrepreneurship in NigeriaDr. A.A. Idamoyibo
12A Case for Intellectual Property Rights Education in Music CurriculumM. Phuthego
13Composing Across Cultures: An African ToccataJohn Howard
14TSHIKONA: Meaning, Context and Function in SocietyDr. N.G. Mughovani
15Musical Arts Education: A Pedagogical in-road to Music Education in Africa Adeoluwa Okunade
16Music and Political Deceptions in NigeriaOlufemi Adedeji
17Music as Vibrant Tool for Political Mobilization in NigeriaOyeniyi Olatokun
18Metamorphosis of Church Music in Nigeria: A Challenge to Musical Arts EducationOlorunsogo Ifeoluwa
19Musical Arts Education and National Consciousness in NigeriaDr. I.O. Idamoyibo
20Knowledge and Utilization of Information and Communication Technologies by Musical …K.M. Samuel
21IGBO Folk Music as Instrumental Material in Musical Arts EducationProf. Danagu
22Music Knows No Boundaries: The Case of Mme Rangwato MagoroDr. M. Masoga
23T he influence of Chewa art of drumming on contemporary Malawian music.  Dr. Grant Nthala