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Paying with Paypal 

If you did NOT complete your PayPal payment then your membership is pending payment, and you will not be able to login as a Member to this site.
To try paying again using PayPal, please use the form below.

Only use the below form if you attempted to Join using PayPal, and you quit before finalising your payment, and would like to try again. Once your payment has been received using Paypal, we will activate your membership.

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Once you click the Pay Now button you will be transferred to Paypal where you have two options

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Paying with Bank Transfer 

If you have already applied for a membership but not made payment, you can also make payment using Bank Transfer.
Bank Transfer will take longer to process, however as soon as the funds are available in the PASMAE.AFRICA account your membership will be activated.
Please use the below details for Bank Transfer

Bank Details:

Bank: FNB
Branch: Brooklyn (Branch code: 251345)
Name of account holder: PASMAE
Cheque account number: 62488173453
Reference: Please use your email address as the reference
Email confirmation of payment to: