Presidential Message PASMAE 2017 Swaziland Conference 

Benon Kigozi, PASMAE President
It is with great pleasure that I welcome you for what is promising to be an exciting time of discussions and events in a country that is world-renowned for its incredibly rich and diverse cultural heritage.

This 10th PASMAE 2017 Mbabane Conference here in Swaziland is expected to be a great success and further strengthen PASMAE as an excellent platform for the exchange of knowledge on the latest developments and emerging challenges in musical arts education.

The conference has a theme of Cultural Diversity which raises a number of issues dear to all of us, as stakeholders including professionals and institutions around the world, as we strive to redefine our roles and positions in relation to our communities and with respect to the cultural diversity and heritage that lie beyond our walls. I’d, therefore, like to encourage you to further reflect on several implications of this conference theme. These thoughts incorporate the call to actively participate in the discussions and deliberations in order to expand on them.

Packed with stimulating sessions, networking opportunities and meetings, the four-day-long Conference is key in allowing you, the PASMAE membership from various countries to maintain and expand our expertise and leadership on musical arts issues.

Once more, it is my privilege and honour to welcome you to this momentous event. I am confident that with your participation here in Swaziland with a unique blend of contemporary and traditional way of life as well as its multi-racial and multi-cultural heritage the conference will be an unforgettable experience.

Yours sincerely, Benon Kigozi