Message from PASMAE President

It is with great joy I welcome everyone on behalf of PASMAE to our forth-coming international music conference come July 1st – 5th 2019 in Seychelles: one of the most beautiful countries in the world with UNESCO heritage sites.PASMAE has always prided herself in hosting regional and International music conferences that have added value to all delegates with lots of Ah! Moments, during the conferences due to depths of insights shared by renowned educators with a focus on African music practices.

At this conference, we are happy to partner with the government of Seychelles, International School Seychelles and the organizing committee, as we unite under the umbrella of PASMAE to attract African music educators, and many other music educators from all around the globe, for a rekindling of passion for knowledge in musical arts education across Africa and beyond, as we will focus our discourse on “Sustainable Musical Arts Education for Africa”.We are looking forward to sharing remarkable moments that will become a landmark in our practices as music educators.

Yours Sincerely,
Tochukwu Elijah Eze

Message from Conference Chairperson

It is my sincere pleasure to cordially welcome you all to what I anticipate to be a historical and remarkable conference 2019 Seychelles. As a host nation who is surrounded by so many challenges impacting our youths, we believe that Arts have a huge impact on the health of the nation at large especially in the preservation of our cultures. With this conference, we feel privileged to be the host which in a way will positively contribute to our goal in promoting Music and Arts education which currently is a major concern of our nation.

We feel proud to be among the rest of the mother Africa in fighting to preserve, educate and promote Arts education which is crucial in the lives of all learners and all the human societies across the continent.

When you will be arriving at the airport, you will for sure notice that the people of Seychelles are kind and peaceful people. They are the practitioners of what it means to love one another. On the other hand, if you take time to listen carefully, you will hear sweet melodies of nature characterized by the greener vegetation which is our identity as Seychellois.

As you will be leaving Seychelles, I am indisputable that you will take with you wonderful memories and tell stories that indeed people of Seychelles live for music.

On behalf of the government of Seychelles, International School Seychelles, and the Conference organizing committee, I happily welcome you to this prestigious continental and educational conference even as I look forward to seeing many of you from all the four corners of this lovely universe.

Welcome to PASMAE conference 2019 Seychelles. Welcome to Seychelles.

John Chitambo