Trade Exhibits

If you are interested in exhibiting at the conference please contact 


PASMAE Members registered for the conference. Shared tables and costs permitted – $10 USD

Non-profit/charitable organizations (who are not registered for the conference). – $40 USD

Music Retail – $80 USD

Sponsors – by arrangement

  • Trestle table and 2 chairs
  • Sign for the table, with your name
  • Access to Opening, Closing and concerts
  • Excursion at own expense
  • Morning and afternoon refreshments and lunches
  • Space and time permitting, a workshop or demonstration could be arranged, for those who express an interest
  • A presenter with materials to sell may sell them at the time of making his or her presentation.
  • A delegate attending a presentation must be under no obligation to purchase the materials.
  • Performers wishing to sell recorded materials may do so immediately before, in the intermission of, or immediately after, their performances.
  • Neither the COG nor PASMAE takes any responsibility for any copyright or other legal infringement incurred by those who manufacture resources or materials and sell them at the Conference (whether as individuals or at the Trade Exhibition).
  • PASMAE and the COG reserve the right to prevent any commercial or non-commercial distribution of materials which conflict with PASMAE policies.
  • The COG may arrange an official opening of the Exhibition.
  • The next PASMAE COG is entitled to a free exhibit area (unless extra technical requirements are requested) to promote the following PASMAE Conference.
  • The PASMAE booth/registration desk/table is also provided by the COG free of charge.
  • Additional booths/tables (space permitting) may be provided at minimal/lower cost for non-profit organisations and members selling musical/educational items.
  • ISME and PASMAE will be entitled to a free table for display, should they wish to have one. In some cases it may be appropriate to also offer a free table to sponsors.
  • A local “PASMAE shop” within the trade exhibition is a possibility. Local self-help groups can be commissioned to produce local handicraft items for sale. Such a “shop” should be re-stocked daily, staffed by volunteers and coordinated by a responsible individual. The opportunity to shop here assists greatly in saving participants’ time and keeping them within the Conference venue, focused on Conference attendance.