PASMAE Southern Africa Sub-Regional Conference 2024

Date: Monday, March 25th to Wednesday, March 27th, 2024

Rhodes University

Location: Rhodes University Department of Music in Makhanda (formerly Grahamstown)

PASMAE, in partnership with the Rhodes University Department of Music in Makhanda, warmly invites you to participate in the 2024 PASMAE Sub-Regional Conference. PASMAE is the African branch of ISME (International Society for Music Education). This conference will offer both in-person and virtual attendance options.

Theme: “RE/ME”

Our chosen theme underscores the evolving relationship between Research (RE) and Music Education (ME). It also symbolizes a “reply” to the changing landscape of musical arts and education within diverse contexts over the years.

This sub-regional conference coincides with two significant milestones: Rhodes University’s 120th anniversary celebration and the 70th anniversary of the International Library of African Music (ILAM). ILAM is renowned for its comprehensive archive on African Music, playing a pivotal role in supporting, recording, preserving, and disseminating valuable resources on music across sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

The musical arts are at the heart of our humanity. Research, performances, and pedagogical approaches have evolved, shaping knowledge transfer and the understanding of musicking within the African context across various genres. These developments have, in turn, influenced transformative teaching and learning approaches, performance practices, and research.

This sub-regional conference serves as a crucial platform for reflection on these realities and stimulating discussions on critical developments and the future of musical arts in Africa. The “RE/ME” theme encompasses various dimensions such as physical performance spaces, virtual and technologically-inspired spaces, creative and expressive spaces, abstract and collective spaces, curricular spaces, and more.

Musical arts, aligned with PASMAE’s mission, encompass all core and related disciplines falling under the Performing and Creative Arts umbrella.


Presentations at the conference can revolve around the following sub-themes:

  • Musical arts spaces, cultures, and sustainable development
  • Instructional methodologies for musical arts education
  • Teacher preparation for the musical arts
  • Cultural policies and their impact on musical arts education
  • Music business and entrepreneurship in the arts
  • Perspectives on arts management approaches
  • Research in African musical arts
  • Community engagement in music and arts education
  • Arts entrepreneurship education
  • Exploring health, wellbeing, and spirituality in musical arts education

Presentations may include the following:

  • Spoken papers
  • Poster papers
  • Demonstrations/Workshops
  • Symposia

Submissions can be uploaded here.
(The closing date for submissions is now the 23rd of February)


On-line registration available soon.

We look forward to your participation.

Rhodes University